We waterproof your phone!

Protect and waterproof your mobile phone
with our state of the art process using nanotechnology that is
IPX7 certified and thinner than a strand of hair.
1/1000 thick of hair to be exact!


LiquiFense uses a nanocoating that is so thin it goes unnoticed on your mobile phone.

Our process coats your phone creating an impenetrable barrier from water.


With our nano coating, water and moisture simply beads and rolls off your phone
instead of getting inside and causing irreparable damage.

Liquifense Waterproof iphone

Life Happens

Get your cellphone waterproofed and protected from everyday water accidents and spills.


We’ve all been there - a wet and useless phone.

Phone dropped in water or

Had drinks spill on our cellphone.

Then comes the frantic worry grabbing for our phone.

"Will it still work... gotta get the water out..."

Don't worry anymore.

In less than 10 minutes, you'll be

Worry Free

Don't lose contacts and pictures of family and friends


Never use or carry bulky waterproof cases again


Go more places without fear of water accidents to your cellphone

Protect and Waterproof
Your Cell Phone Today